Sexualization Against Girls of Color

The Sexy and Sweet Paradox

Written by Sheherzade Khan, a WSTB05 student from the University of Toronto

This poem was submitted as part of OPF's partnership with the WSTB05 class (Understanding Power and Knowledge in Research). More information about our partnership can be found here.   

Why am I a vulture when I can be a dove?

Do I not deserve tender, care, and love?

Am I nothing but your personal sex toy, a pawn in your ploy?

“Quit complaining, if you weren’t wearing that dress, I wouldn’t call you a whore!”

And it goes on and on, forevermore 

If I’m black, I’m fast

If I’m a Muslim woman, I come last

If that’s the case, how can we move past? 

If I’m Oriental, I’m exotic

If I’m Latina, I’m spicy and hypnotic 

All the pretty girls are enticing 

But if I tell you no, you’ll go psychotic 

Very well, not surprising 

Very well, I’m the modern Jezebel 

Got the tricks up my sleeve, no wonder Adam ate from the tree 

Sang out like the siren, strayed them away from the yellow brick road

Just like the succubus, all the foolish men are soon to get in trouble 

Putting me on an operating table, just for you to poke and prod

Highlight my insecurities like a blinding light 

Every curve, crack, and cut is flawed

Nothing is equal and I can hear the snickers 

Yet at the same time, it just feels right 

If anyone says otherwise, I promise you I’ll bite