Course-Related Submissions

An important part of Open Praxis Forum’s work is creating partnerships with professors at the University of Toronto to highlight students’ work and creative assignments. Our partnerships strive to empower students and provide them with the platform and opportunity to share their work to a wider audience. Thus, we hope that through these collaborations, we can contribute to modifying the seemingly exclusionary landscape of academia.

At present, we have partnered with three professors from the University of Toronto Scarborough to promote the work done by their classes on a variety of topics. During the Winter 2021 semester, we partnered with Professor Anne-Emanuelle Birn’s “Issues in Global and International Health” class to feature their projects for Global International Health Week.

During the Fall 2021 semester, we partnered with Professor Aarzoo Singh who taught the women’s studies course on “Understanding Power and Knowledge in Research” to display students’ creative works inspired by topics such as intersectionality, epistemological frameworks, different forms of interviewing, and art history.

We also collaborated with Professor Leslie Chan to showcase some exemplary student reflections from IDSA01, the “Introduction to International Development Studies” class.