Contributing to OPF

Why Contribute to OPF?

In addition to engaging in an online platform that aims to extend the boundaries of what defines “academia,” OPF challenges you to think about various facets of research beyond the content itself.

As a safe space for learning, growing and allyship, OPF asks you to be reflexive as a researcher. We ask you to think about your positionality, the circumstances under which you can and cannot conduct research, the long term societal and social impacts of the knowledge you create.

Here are some questions we encourage knowledge creators to consider as they work through their process:
Consensual Knowledge Creation
  • How does your research and knowledge creation uplift and benefit others?
  • Do you have ongoing consent to pursue the questions you are asking?
  • What are the implications of your methodology?
Ethics of Care
  • How are you caring for the communities involved in your research?
  • How are you caring for yourself?
Collaboration & Representation
  • What kind of collaborative practices would improve your creative process?
  • How can we fairly represent all those involved in the research and give credit where it is due?
  • What strategies would create a positive learning experience for you?
  • How can we celebrate our failures and successes as we continue to grow?
  • Defining success beyond grades, numbers, and metrics, how can we draw focus towards the quality of practices by which we conduct our work?