Maintaining a Safe Space

To maintain a safe space, we need to ensure that all contributions (work, process, or comments) can be traced back to an individual user. Complete anonymity increases the likelihood of acts of discrimination and misconduct. Because we respect the right to privacy and confidentiality, if you do not wish to have your full or real name listed publicly on the website, please choose an alias to publish under. Other than your name, no personal details or contact information of yours will be shared on the website or with any third parties. For more information on this, please visit our Privacy Policy.

Along with maintaining a safe space for you, we would like to maintain a safe space for your work. Everything on this website is published under the Creative Commons Attribution International 4.0, or CC BY 4.0 license. This means that your work can be shared with and adapted by others. We prefer CC BY 4.0 because it promotes active knowledge sharing and building. If your work is used by others, they are required to attribute the work to you. If any changes are made to your work, they must attribute these changes to themselves only.